Bed Bugs Top Worst Cities

Basically most major cities have bed bugs. Those ugly things travel on people and they’re left behind on any form of public transportation including airplanes. They’re also found in movie theaters and even in hospitals.. disgusting little blood suckers.

Its transient times that’s doing it. People traveling and staying in hotels and air b and b. Those things are on airplanes, trains, metro. They jump a ride on your clothes. Old fashioned moth balls in your closet and dresser drawers it will kill them stone dead immediately.

It’s good to know these things especially when you travel for work. No matter how nice the hotel, they can be anywhere.. something us flight attendants do is place your bags inside of a sealable large black yard trash bag, and whatever you sleep in place in a separate sealed bag and get pest repellent.. sounds silly but has cut down the number of reports. Last year I had 11 co workers transfer bed bugs to their homes, this year NONE.


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