Bed Bugs Top Worst Cities

Basically most major cities have bed bugs. Those ugly things travel on people and they’re left behind on any form of public transportation including airplanes. They’re also found in movie theaters and even in hospitals.. disgusting little blood suckers.

Its transient times that’s doing it. People traveling and staying in hotels and air b and b. Those things are on airplanes, trains, metro. They jump a ride on your clothes. Old fashioned moth balls in your closet and dresser drawers it will kill them stone dead immediately.

It’s good to know these things especially when you travel for work. No matter how nice the hotel, they can be anywhere.. something us flight attendants do is place your bags inside of a sealable large black yard trash bag, and whatever you sleep in place in a separate sealed bag and get pest repellent.. sounds silly but has cut down the number of reports. Last year I had 11 co workers transfer bed bugs to their homes, this year NONE.


Trade War Between US and China

I was watching a documentary on TV the other night about the Great Depression. Contrary to popular belief,it wasn’t the stock market crash that led to the Depression, at least not all by itself. One of the primary factors was the US decision to impose heavy tariffs on foreign goods. That led to retaliatory tariffs on US goods by other countries. The result was a trade war that plunged the entire world into a crippling Depression. Just food for thought


For those of you that don’t know what BritMums Live is then where have you been?? 🙂 BritMums Live is basically a HUGE conference that over 500 parent bloggers attend each year to learn new skills, meet other bloggers, network with brands and listen to some inspiring keynote speakers. The whole aim of this event is the educate, empower and inspire bloggers to be better and I can defiantly confirm that I felt all of these things at the end of yesterdays event.

After a few hours of sleep it was then time to head down to The Brewery for the fun and games to start. After getting in and grabbing our name badges and some coffee it was over to BritMums founders Susanna Scott and Jennifer Howze for a great welcome speech. Next we were introduced to the first 3 guest speeches. The first was a fantastic poem written by blogger Kirstie Pelling called BritMums We Are Live!! It was a great way to open the day. What I wasn’t expecting from this day was to be in tears within the first hour of being there. The second speaker to take the stage was the amazingly strong and inspiring Anne-Marie Cockburn who sadly lost her 15 year old daughter Martha to an accidental overdose. Anne-Marie has written a book documenting what life was like for the first few months after Martha’s death and listening to her speak and read from the book was just heart breaking. Finally we had the amazing Julie Creffield who spoke to us about ways to achieve our goals. She is the author of Too Fat To Run and she really spoke to me and I’m looking forward to reading her story and blog when I get a chance.

Next it was time for coffee and crepes in the Hub which was the place to be to connect with brands. There were so many amazing brands there and getting to chat to them about their products and brand was a great opportunity. Rather than go through all of the brand stuff here (as it would make this post even longer than it already is) I will be doing a haul post and video within the next week to talk through all of the amazing brands I met and all the goodies we got 🙂

Then it was on to the heavy stuff, the stuff that I had really come for…the breakout sessions. There were 4 breakout sessions offered and within those 4 sessions there were a number of options. I chose to attend Understand SEO, YouTube: Collaborate & grow your audience, Understanding Google Analytics and then finally a Table Talk Roundtables focusing on Parents under 30. I’m not going to explain all of these session to you as it was so informative and I have so much that I learnt that I wouldn’t be able to write it all down. What I will say is that the session were brilliant. Every single one gave me at least 3 things that I could take away and implement to my blog and brand and (hopefully) you will start to see major improvements on here because of what I have learnt at this event.

Then it was back off to the main stage for a chat with Cherry Healey (TV present who has now written a book and is a freeking hilarious person!!!) and then onto the blogger’s keynotes. During this, a selectin of bloggers had been chosen to read (or perform in the case of Tim from Slouching Towards Thatcham) their blog posts. They were funny, tear jerking, informative, moving and clever. It always amazes me what some bloggers are capable of and I can only aspire to one day be up at their level and maybe even on that stage reading one of my posts one day. On that note I think I may need to put my PJs on as  am dreaminggg!!

After all of this is was exhausted!! The day flew past in a flurrie of business cards, notes and chatter and it was only when I stopped that it all caught up with me. After picking up an amazing goodie bag it was then time to head home. I was exhausted (mentally and physically) but brimming with ideas and inspiration. I was sitting on the train wishing that I had the energy to get my laptop out ad get started right away but I just couldn’t. I’m still obviously eager though as it’s been less than 24 hours since I have been home and I am already tapping away and putting all of my plans and ideas that I have got from this weekend into play.

Once again, I just want to say a huge thank you to Kiddylicious for sponsoring me to go to this event. A lot of bloggers receive sponsorship to go to BritMums Live as it is an expensive trip but after speaking to a lot of bloggers whilst there I am so pleased that Kiddylicious chose me. They have been so supportive, caring and easy to work with and from speaking to others, they unfortunately haven’t had the same sort of relationship with their sponsors so THANKS KIDDYLICIOUS! YOUR DA BOMB!!!

If you are a blogger and your thinking about going to an event like this then please do it! I have come away feeling re energised and feeling like I really know my blogs direction. It is so easy to get lost in the world of blogging and loose your way but I can honestly say that the people I have met this weekend along with the amazing stuff I have learnt has really helped me to remember what is and what I want to do with it. Now…when do tickets go on sale for next year

Пам’яті В.Г.Коструби

Минув рік, як немає з нами прекрасної людини, фахівця, трудівника, захопленого своєю справою. За своє життя В’ячеслав Григорович встиг багато зробити для суспільства, оточуючих, своєї родини, для водного туризму України – свого захоплення, якого він не зраджував протягом багатьох десятиліть.
В.Г. Коструба – майстер спорту СРСР, суддя національної категорії зі спортивного туризму, інструктор, організатор водного туризму в Україні, починаючи з 70-х років минулого століття, а з 1992 р. – уже в незалежній Україні. Водний туризм був основним захопленням В’ячеслава Григоровича, і він, без перебільшення, віддав йому значну частину свого життя та душі. Багато років він був беззмінним головою української комісії з водного туризму, організатором великих туристських заходів, експедицій, складних походів. В’ячеслав Григорович був щиросердою і дуже доброю людиною, завжди привертав до себе людей, і вони відповідали йому подякою та дружбою. Багатьох він навчив жити, працювати, організовувати людей, спілкуватися, знаходити в людях добро, робити їх однодумцями, розкривати здібності людини. І сьогодні справа його життя – український спортивний водний туризм розвивається, рухається в ногу з часом, не втрачаючи колишньої популярності серед населення України. Можна сказати, що немає в Україні області або регіону, де не було б туристів-водників. Росте чисельність спортивних походів високої категорії складності, походів для студентів, учнів і просто новачків, розширюється географія маршрутів, загалом, водний туризм живе, і це – данина пам’яті В’ячеслава Григоровича.
За своє життя В’ячеслав Григорович побував на багатьох ріках Радянського Союзу, України, провів туристську експедицію на Далекому Сході СРСР, нині – Росії. Але часи міняються, і сьогодні українські туристи-водники освоюють уже ріки Туреччини, Єгипту та інших країн світу. Безмежними є прагнення людей до пізнання природи й себе, і багатьох цьому навчив саме В’ячеслав Григорович.
Життя не стоїть на місці, але все, що було зроблено В’ячеславом Григоровичем Кострубою і його однодумцями, стало основою розвитку сучасного спортивного водного туризму.
Усі, хто знав В’ячеслава Григоровича, його родина, родичі, друзі, товариші по походах, колеги по Федерації водного туризму, завжди будуть пам’ятати його захопленим, веселим, справжнім туристом, що вміє дружити та цінувати дружбу інших, готовим прийти на допомогу у важку хвилину. Його життєвий досвід, любов до людей, уміння об’єднати навколо себе ентузіастів, таких, як він сам, і сьогодні були б потрібними та корисними для нас. Але, на жаль, не дано змінити хід подій, і назавжди йдуть від нас чудові люди, такі як В’ячеслав Григорович.
Змагання на Чемпіонаті України зі спортивного водного туризму, головним суддею та незмінним організатором яких він був протягом багатьох років, з минулого року присвячуються пам’яті В’ячеслава Григоровича Коструби.
Світла пам’ять про В’ячеслава Григоровича Кострубу назавжди залишиться в серцях усіх, хто його знав і поважав, усіх, хто продовжуватиме справу його життя – розвиток спортивного водного туризму в Україні.